Brief History of the Holua Sled

Papaholua Sled

  • Hand built by master crastsmen and native Hawaiian, Tom "Pohaku Stone
    "He mea Kanaka Maoli - Native Made"
  • Authentic Hawaiian design representing 2000 years of tradition
  • Each uniquely named Papaholua sled will come with photos of the crafting process, and a descrpition and history of that holua written by Pohaku
  • Using woods collected from the forests of Hawaii
  • Lashed with hand woven coconut cordage

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Holua Sled Details


Brief History - Papaholua (Sleds)

Hölua, or heÿeholua ( to slide together or as one entity) , refers to the ancient art of surfing mountain slopes and lava fields on a specialized Hawaiian sled, a papahölua , constructed of wood lashed together with coconut fiber that is capable of attaining speeds up to 50 mph+ over rock lightly covered with pili, a grass native to Hawai'i.

It is a traditional form of ritualized athleticism unique to the Hawaiian Islands as a means to honor " Pele ", the mythical Hawaiian goddess of the volcano. Hölua with its abundant architectural features, monumental in scale, reminiscent to lava flowing down a mountain slope or cliff side emphasizes a religious practice significant to the native culture of these islands. He'ehölua is a unique athletic performance of cultural expression and self-sacrifice of the Hawaiian willing to risk his or her life in an attempt to successfully ride the waves of Pele .

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